You can use the Recomatic Related Products integration to show smart product recommendation in the Product Upsell and Product Recommendations widgets.

Recomatic's smart algorithm takes in consideration different product, customer and order parameters to come up with the best, tailor-made recommendations for your customers.

How Can You Enable the Integration?

All you have to do in order to enable the Recomatic integration is:
Go into the ReConvert dashboard, and head over to your page builder.

Edit an exsiting upsell/product recommendations widget on your page builder, or add a new one
In the "Products to display" drop-down, select the "Recomatic recommendations" option

If you don't have Recomatic installed on your store yet, you'll see an install button that will take you the Recomatic's app listing in the Shopify App Store

After clicking the install button, the button will be replaced with a "Check status" button. Click it once you installed Recomatic on your store, and you will see a success message.
The integration is seamless, so if the app is already installed in your store, you won't have to take any further action. You will see the "Integration activated" message.

Exclude/Hide Products

You can also use exclusion tags to exclude products you don't want to display in a thank you page upsell, even if the Recomatic algorithm chose them.

Exclusion tags - define specific tags, which will identify products you do not want to display on the thank you page. Any product tagged with them will be hidden from this widget. When you enable this option you'll be able to add multiple tags, separated by commas

Additional Options

Loader text box- product recommendations might take time to load, since it is dependent on external queries. Use this box to display a message while loading

That's it, you're all set, and product recommendations from the Recomatic algorithm will now be displayed on your thank you page!

If you have any questions, or need any help setting up the integration, feel free to reach out to our email, call us or contact us through the live chat widget within the app. We'll be more than happy to help or set it up for you

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