In this tutorial we are going to learn how to set up your first funnel.

To create your first funnel you need to head over to the app's dashboard and click 'Funnels' button.

Tean click a 'Create a new funnel' button. A new popup will open and will allow you to select one of the premade templates or create a new one.

The first section is called "trigger". In this section you need to select when the funnel offers have to be displayed. You can select either to display it to all orders or set up a specific option.

For example: We want to display specific offers only for Chrome browser users.

In 'What's next' section we need to select one option: either to add an offer before the thank you page, or customize your thank you page.

After configuring your first offer, you'll need to select what goes next: The Thank You Page or another offer.

Upsell option - the customer accepts the previous upsell, and you want to offer another product.
Downsell option - the customer declines the previous offer, and you want to offer another product.

💡 NOTE: The maximum possible number of upsell's offers are 2: the upsell+another upsell or upsell+downsell offer, then The Thank You Page will be shown to the customer.

You can also set up 2 different Thank You Pages here, in case the customer accepts or decline the offer.
In The Thank You Page section you can add the premade Thank You Page or create a new one. The options how to customize The Thank You Page, you can find here Thank you page editor tutorial.

Once you've set up all the options, you need to save them:

Save as draft - the funnel will be saved but not published.
Publish - the funnel will be published and goes live.

On the page builder you can find 2 additional settings:

Expand/Compact view - this option change the sections view.
Fallback Thank You Page - This Thank You Page will be displayed in case unsupported payment gateways are used during checkout. If your payment gateway isn’t supported please contact Shopify.

Well, that’s a wrap!
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