We're happy to announce that from now on, you can add order tracking information straight in your order status page, without having to use any third party tracking service.

Yup, you can add tracking information into your thank you page using ReConvert and 17TRACK.

What is 17TRACK?

17TRACK provides ALL-IN-ONE package tracking service. The web/apps are translated into multiple language versions, and the users are from around 220 countries and areas. Why 17? 17TRACK pronounces as 'Track All Together' in Chinese. As an indispensable package tracking system for eCommerce industry, 17TRACK has a great impact on millions of online retailers & their customers.

You can use 17TRACK to track packages from all across the world, and from a verity of different curries, for FREE.

A lot of merchants using international services and sending from places like China, send their customers directly to 17TRACK to track their order. The problem with this is that customers are directed to an external page that no similarity and connection to your store.

How Can I Add 17TRACK to The Order Status Page?

With ReConvert, you can easily add tracking information directly from 17TRACK- the tracking iFrame will be a part of an optimized, designed order status page, which will encourage your customers to re-engage with your store, and maybe purchase again.

In the ReConvert Dashboard, choose your live thank you page template, and click Customize, to get to the page builder.

In the page builder, go to General settings >> Order Tracking
Check the Enable order tracking checkbox to enable the tracking widget

Note: When enabling this feature we use the 17Track widget using iFrame. ReConvert has no control over the content displayed. It might contain ads or any type of external links

The widget will automatically appear under the order summary once an item in the order has a tracking number.

Note: Tracking numbers will be auto-filled in the tracking input area once available

If items are fulfilled desperately, a different tracking widget will appear under each item.

You can also control the following settings:
Button text
Buttons colors
Tracking details language

Now you can easily direct your customers to an order status page that will not only give them their order details, but might also get them to buy again!

Well, that’s a wrap!

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