In Shopify the order confirmation page consists of two main sections: the left side and the right side. In each of these sections there are a few mandatory elements that are built in built into Shopify system and cannot be removed. We do have the option however, to control their position/location on the you page to a certain extent, and make certain modifications.

On the left side these sections are:
Order number
Order confirmation
Customer information
Continue shopping button

On the right side this sections is:
Order summary

The color and styling of these elements will change according to the checkout settings in the template editor in Shopify.
Assuming you chose to create a new template from scratch, the first time you’ll see the page builder it should look about like this:

If you choose some of our pre-made templates some additional elements will appear
The top bar

In the top bar (from left to right) you have the option to go back to the dashboard, see the template’s name, display mobile/desktop preview, see the template’s status (published or draft) and save changes as draft (if the app isn't enable) and save and activate the app.

The control panel (on the left)

The control panel is built out of 2 components:

The Sections area which controls every element that has a specific location in the thank you page - the header of the page, the right section and the left section.

The general settings area (top right corner of the control panel) is where you handle all the features/widget that the drag and drop interface is irrelevant for. At the moment there are 4 features available in the general settings section:

Order tracking
Pop-up with timer
Product comments
Magic designer

The preview area

In the preview area you’ll be able to see all the changes that you make instantly, you’ll see all the widgets you’ll add in addition to Shopify’s mandatory sections. Play with all the features and locations until you reach your desired result.

Left/Right sections introduction

Now that you know how to control the page builder interface, let’s dive deep into each and every widget and feature available to you.

To add a new element, click on “sections” in the control panel and click either the left or right area (depends on where you want your element to appear). Inside the area click the “add section” button, choose from a list of all the elements that are available and click the “add” button.

After adding a new element, you can click the element to edit it’s settings. You can also click the 6 dots icon to drag it and drop it in your desired location, and the eye icon to hide the element without deleting it.

Well, that’s a wrap!

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