The post-purchase survey is a great way to get some data out of your customers and improve your services in the future.

The survey widget is a bit tricky and requires some preparations. Inside the widget’s settings you’ll have to choose one from your premade surveys.

Creating a survey

Click on the Thank you pages tab in the app menu

-> Post purchase surveys

Click the “Create a new survey” button

Enter your survey title and click 'Save title' button

WARNING: be aware that customers will see the title

Ask the first question in the “Question” box, and choose one of the four available answer types:
Text area - the customer can type in whatever he wants. This is great if you want your customer to use his own words.


Select - the customer can select only one option from a drop-down menu. This is great if you have multiple options (like country).


Check-box - the checkbox option allows the customer to select multiple answers.


Radio - all the answers are visible but the customer can only choose one answer. This is great of the question your asking has only few optional answers.


NOTE: You can add more options to each questions by clicking the "+ Add options" button and remove options by clicking the "sign".

Once you’re ready with the question, question type and the available options, click the “Save” button.

WARNING: You could not change answer type once you clicked the 'Save' button

Click the “Add question” button.

Adding the survey to the thank you page

Go back to the page builder, add a survey section and choose the survey you’ve just created:

More options - after selecting the wanted survey you can choose:
Weather to show it one time per customer or show if every time they visit the thank you page
You can customize the submit button text, text color and background color
You can customize the thank you message text and text color

After creating a survey, you have the option to hide certain questions/options from the survey.
After creating a survey, if you delete the survey you’ll lose the data collected to that point. So we recommend hiding the question/survey instead.

Well, that’s a wrap!

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