Well, orders are orders on Shopify, pretty straight forward. But sessions are counted every time a customer visits the thank you page.

Example: A customer completed a purchase and got to the thank you page, a day later he goes back to the thank you page to check on his order, and 2 days later he goes back to the thank you page again, to view the tracking information. We can see "Orders: 1" but "Sessions: 3"
The reason we’re counting the sessions is so you can get better insights.

How many times customers are visiting your thank you page per order?
The more they do, the more important it is for you to optimize that page for conversions.

Please note that these sessions do not impact in any way our billing for the app, they are simply meant to give you more data to learn from.
You can check it anytime on our app dashboard live analytics section.

Well, that’s a wrap!

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