When you login the app, you will be directed to the Dashboard. Your dashboard will be divided into a few sections:
🧭Main navigation menu - You can quickly and easily navigate between ReConvert main pages and help pages by using navigation menu buttons. There are 5 buttons available here:

Dashboard - which will allow you to return to the dashboard
Funnel - here you can manage your funnels. See your default funnel and the specific analytics
Thank you pages - Exactly the same section as funnels, but only for thank you pages. Also, from here you can manage:
Product comment
Post purchase survey

Settings - from here you can go to the general settings, to the referral program, and view the latest customer activity
Design store - You see GemPages app, our partner that will allow you to customize other pages in your store

📊Analytics - view the most important data of ReConvert's performance in your store

🔄Funnel management - view and/or customize your default funnel

📝View your list of funnels - see all the funnels you have created, and edit/duplicate/rename/delete (not the default funnel)/enable/disable/create a new funnel or explore pre-made funnels

⚙Template management - view and/or customize your default template

📝View your list of templates - see all the templates you have created, and edit/make default/preview/rename/duplicate/delete (not the default template)/view analytics/create a new or explore pre-made templates

📃Latest activity - view latest activity customers have taken in your ReConvert thank you pages

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