In this tutorial you will learn how to add your post-purchase upsells to the original order instead of creating a new order.

This option is only available for the following widgets: product upsell, product recommendations, reorder button. For the pop-up with timer, discount widget, and other widgets, a new order will be created due to platform limitations.

As of January 2021, ReConvert allows you to add any products accepted on the thank you page widgets mentioned above to the original order instead of creating a new order. If you installed the app later then January 12th 2021, this will be the default behaviour in your store, otherwise, you will have to manually change this as shown in this guide.

1. General settings
In order to add upsells to the original order, head over to the ReConvert dashboard, at the top menu click on Settings -> General Settings.
Head over to "General settings"
2. Scroll down to the "Order settings" section
From the dropdown select "Add items to the original order".
In "Order Settings" select "Add items to the original order"
3. Additional/advanced settings:
A new set of option will appear, allowing you to have better control over when to add items to the original order.

Apply for
This section allows you to choose which of the supported widgets would add upsells to the original order, and which ones would create a new order.

We recommend setting product upsell & product recommendations to add items to the original order, and set the reorder button to create a new order.
Apply for widgets

Items reserve time
When the customer clicks the "Buy now" button, ReConvert will add an item to the original order, in an "unpaid" payment status, and will redirect the customer to make the additional payment at checkout.

By default, ReConvert will remove the added items if the payment wasn't completed after 60 minutes, to make sure not to hurt your inventory and fulfilment processes.

This field allows you to control for how long additional items are saved when the customer does not complete the purchase.

If you don't wish to remove added items at all, you can set reserve time to 0.

Upsell reserve time

Handle manual payment methods
In manual payment methods (like cash on delivery, AfterPay, Klarna, bank deposits, cash etc), the customer might complete the purchase of the additional item but the payment status of this items would remain pending.

In order to avoid removing an item that the customer approved for delivery, in case of a manual payment method, you can either hide the widgets or create a new order.

This sections will not show up if you set reserve time to 0
Handle manual payment methods

Handle fulfilled orders
We can't add items to fulfilled orders, this section allows you to choose to either hide the widgets, or create a new order in case the original one is fulfilled.

Handle fulfilled orders

3. Save changes:
Once you're done, click the Save button to apply these settings in your store.

And this is it, from now on upsells will be added to the original orders instead of creating a new ones!

When adding items to the original order, Shipping will not be charged for these items.

Well, that’s a wrap!

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