This feature will allow you to ask one question from your customer about every product they buy. This question will appear below every product (in case the customer ordered multiple products).

Example: why did you buy this product?
This feature is great for multiple reasons:

Getting user-generated content, the conversion rates on product comments are up to 10 times higher than review requests later down the road
Gathering customer insights you didn’t know before
Learn the customer language and use it later in your marketing campaigns
Embed customer comments in your store/emails/other campaigns, gain more trust and increase conversion rate (soon)

Enable product comments

To enable Product Comments go to the Page builder > General settings > Product comments and check 'Enable product comments' box.

Inside the product comments widget you have a few options:

Enable/Disable product comments
Customize the question you want to ask your customers (placeholder text)
Customize the button text, text color and background color

Edit the “thank you message” and the thank you message color

Edit the “error message” and the error message color

Once product comments are enabled, the widget will show consistently until the customer submits an answer, after that the widget will be hidden and instead the customer’s answer will appear.

See comments left by customers

To see your product comments go to your dashboard, click the setting button and go to “Product Comments”.​

Export collected comments

To export your product comments to ".CSV" file go to your dashboard, click the setting button, go to “Product Comments” and click the "Export" button.

Well, that’s a wrap!

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