This feature can help you grow fast your follower base. Allow your customers to follow you on different social media platforms with just one click. Right now, the supported social medias are: Facebook, YouTube, Twitter & Pinterest.


To add the Facebook like button:

Click this link
Insert your Facebook page URL
Choose what tabs you want to show, by default the timeline is shown, we recommend keeping this field empty.
Play with the other settings until you’re happy with the results and click the “Get Code” button at the bottom.

Go to the IFrame tab and copy the code:

Paste the code inside the social follow section:


To add the YouTube subscribe button:

Log in to your YouTube account.
Click your profile picture in the top right corner and go to settings
Go to ”Advanced settings” on the left menu and copy your channel ID.

Click this link
Paste the channel id in the “Channel Name or ID:” box.
Play with the Layout, theme and weather to hide or show subscriber count (for small channels we recommend keeping it hidden), until your happy with the preview result, and copy the code.

Paste the code inside the social follow section:


To add the Twitter follow button:

Click this link.
Click the “Twitter Buttons” option.

Click the “Follow Button” option.

Enter your username or past your profile URL and click the preview button.

Copy the code.

Paste the code inside the social follow section:


To add the Pinterest follow button:

Click this link
Enter your Pinterest user URL and the name you’d like to appear on the button. Than copy the 2 lines of code.

Paste the 2 lines code inside the social follow section:

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